Are you OK?

A seemingly simple question, yet one that can conjure a myriad of answers. We are living in a society where almost everyone has been or will be effected by depression in some way, shape or form. Yet in the vastness of the depression reach, people are so ashamed of their “condition”.

Depression: A temporary emotional state which is characterised by exaggerated feelings of sadness.

So, if we can so simply define what it is, why is it then something that people are so ashamed of in their lives?

This week we started a new series called “OK” – coming from the quote – “It’s ok, not to be ok” BUT “it’s NOT ok to stay that way”.

Proverbs 17:22 (NLT)

22 A cheerful (Joyful) heart is good medicine,

    but a broken spirit (depression) saps a person’s strength.

Proverbs Simply states:

JOY = Good Medicine

Depression = Thief of our strength

The Bible goes on to say in John:-

John 10:10Amplified Bible (AMP)

10 The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows).

Jesus wants you to know that it is OK, not to be ok… But it isn’t ok to stay that way – He came that you may have LIFE to the fullest, until it overflows…

Remember what Jesus has done for you and I on the Cross… He crucified your depression, leave it on the cross where it was crucified with Christ. Cast down ALL negative thoughts, words and comments and PRAISE the Name of Jesus daily for what He has done for YOU.


What are you remembering? Often times we remember what God is wanting us to forget and forgetting what God wants us to remember… Remember who you are in Jesus. Say the declarations of who you are in Christ Jesus DAILY!!! Allow yourself to remember the great things that God has promised you and focus on those thoughts…

Who are you allowing to Speak into your life? We often end up listening to ourselves instead of talking to ourselves… What I mean is we will listen to the negative thoughts about ourselves and not use our mouth to proclaim who Jesus is in our lives… The moment that you open your mouth, you positions you life. Ensure that you are positioning it for a life of greatness with Jesus, NOT a life of destruction because of the lies that the enemy has told you.

Write a list of positive daily declarations you can proclaim each and every day over yourself, you life, your family… Do this daily, and I promise you will see the changes in the very near future.

God has created you to do great things!

Be Blessed

Pastor Daniel Baldry.