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Austins Ferry

Meet Warren & Sue: Hanging Out Wednesday Evenings from 7pm, Warren & Sue have been a part of Embassy Church for approx. 4 years now. They have 2 teenage boys. Warren and Sue have a special gifting in Hospitality, you will feel right at home.


Meet Chris & Sandra: Connecting each Tuesday Evenings from 7:30pm, Chris and Sandra have been with Embassy Church for about 15 Years now. Chris and Sandra have 4 Children in their teens and adult years now. Chris and Sandra bring with them an incredible serving hearts and massive commitment to the local Church.

Old Beach

Meet Sean & Anne-Marie: Connecting each Wednesday Evenings from 7pm, Sean and Anne-Marie have been with Embassy Church for about 5 Years now. Sean and Anne-Marie have 2 Children. They are a motivated and committed couple who will encourage you in your growth in getting to Know Jesus. Catching up with these guys is never a dull moment.


Louise Gillie & Jacqui McRoberts: Connecting each Wednesday Mid-Morning from 10am. Both Louise and Jaqui bring with them a wealth of inspiration, fun and enjoyment. They have an incredible ability to make you feel right at home and connected very quickly.

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